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Irish Setter rescue success stories

Copper is doing great and has now really adjusted well. He is a very good success story about a dog needing a good home.
Keagan and his best friend Bunker. Keagan is a real tease and while I was ironing he decided to irritate by pretending he was going to sit on Bunker. We adopted Keagan and Bunker at about the same time and they have become best friends. They play very roughly together but never hurt each other or get ugly. When the day is done they often sleep together with Bunker in between Keagan's legs.
Katie(Rebelslair Kateri) was about six months old when she came to me from rescue. She is wonderful and has won over everyone in our area. Katie has three cat siblings who love her as much as we do. She has also done pet therapy at a nursing home. Gail Parker & Carl Weber Phila PA

Here is a picture of Shamus and Sheila in front of the fireplace with their heart garlands on. Enjoy. Shamus will be 8 years old in May. Has shown in Novice, has his CGC degree and TDI. Will be working soon at nursing homes in the West Chester area. Both dogs attend the Chester County Dog Training Club. I am a member of the club. Sheila will be 2 in May. Rescued her at 6 months of age. Would not even come into the house at first, chewed decorated pillows, dug holes outside. Now, Shamus's best buddy, never chews anything, no more outside holes and just got her CGC degree and is working on her CD in Novice. What a turn around. Lovable and gives many kisses. Even through her shyness, she never showed any aggression towards man or beast. Nancy, and Irish Shamus and Shelia in Westtown, PA
Doogan is quite the traveler, he lives in Maine, and goes to New Mexico each year. We are the lucky ones, we get to see him on his way across the US as he travels! My favorite place to hang out is in the truck...they can't go anywhere without me if I'm sacked out in there... I love my life in Maine. Lots of smells in the woods, lots of birds in the many cats in town, I NEVER forget where I saw one last! There are LOTS of them here!!! Mom doesn't appreciate it when I drag her down the sidewalk after one...but she gets over it! All I have to do is be cute! Yesterday was my birthday! Mom and I took a special walk, a new place, where not too many people go, so much to check out, chased a squirrel and could smell bunnies! We enjoyed ourselves... We are going to New Hampshire soon, I get to chase the "chippies" down there, go swimming in water that I can actually drink! and torture Grandpa's dog Kate. I met a new friend today, a young Airdale girl, also 2, we really hit it off, shes our new neighbor, I think I will get to play with her someday soon, she is from Alaska!
Buddy, fostered by us in NJ in Oct. 2002, our first heartworm positive Irish. He was treated and this wonderful family from Long Island, came to visit us. They were looking for a female Irish and Buddy won their hearts. He is living the good life now in NY!!!

This is Tater (formerly "Isabella"), who I adopted last year, 2002. She had been living in the Bronx, crated for 20+ hours a day before being taken to a shelter. At 10 months old, she'd rarely been given a chance to get outdoors. When she came to me, she would cringe each time someone came near her, so I'm guessing she'd been mistreated at some point. Other than being shy and submissive, she was perfect. Housebroken, healthy, and loveable. Today, Tater spends all day either lying by my feet while I write, or outdoors chasing birds/squirrels/etc. around a very large, fenced yard. She is truly a wonderful dog. Thanks for helping me find her.

Ok, Duncan is a Golden, he just thinks he is an Irish, since he was fostered with six of them in 2002, update here as of 1/03. Happy New Year, Deanna, Phil & all the Irish !!! Just a note to let you know that Duncan is doing fantastic and is loving "ALL' of the snow !!! Has played and played all morning !! Made him go in a little while ago to warm up. Toweled him down and cleaned out his toes and hung his sweater up to dry !!! He finally gave in and is taking a nap. Am sending a picture (surprise, surprise !!) of our dear Duncan. I really believe that he has never been told he isn't human. I was making dinner and turned to find him sitting on the kitchen chair (and with his size, that's no small feat !!) How he balanced it while getting up without knocking it over is beyond me !! Anyway, he seems to be saying, "OK Mom !!!! Let's eat!!"

Shamus's owner could no longer care for him. He was turned into rescue in NJ and is now a very, happy and healthy, 8 year old, living with Cubby, a black lab.

KC is such a wonderful dog--he is the cutest most lovable guy around. At night when we settle down to watch TV, or read a book or something, KC is not comfortable until we all get into position--KC sitting on the chair or couch with me, and Buffy on the big ottoman next to us.

Meabh ma CRÍ (Meabh of my heart) has quickly become the heart of the Vandegrift/Knecht family. No one can believe that she has only been with us since Halloween - including us! Our son said "I want Meabh to live forever - as long as I do" So do we.

Ginger is about 3 years old, she was found as a stray in NC. She needs a home without cats! Update, Ginger found her new forever loving home over Memorial Day weekend in NJ and no cats!!

Clancy was found a stray in PA. He stayed at the shelter for about a month since he had kennel cough. They had named him Travis. He was named Clancy in memory of Darla P.'s Irish and he has found his forever home in Canada. Yes, Canada, this is the farthest I have ever sent an Irish, they drove 14 hours to our home to pick him up!.

Norman was also found as a stray in NC and is about 1 year old. He found his forever home and is now named Darcy and lives in NJ with Casey, a female Irish rescue.

Dusty is about 8 months old and will be about 50 lbs. when full grown. Dusty has found his forever home in CT, he now lives with Brandy, see her photo below.
Hi! I am Riley, started out as Rocky in Michigan. My first owners didn't know what an Irish Setter was like, but my new family absolutely adores me. I figure if I close my eyes, they won't see my up on the table. Photo by Sue and MaryAnn 12/99.

Hi! I am now Buddy. I was found as a stray in NJ and the wonderful folks who found me decided to adopt me from Irish Setter rescue. I sure bet you can't resist this lovely photo of me in the Fall leaves. Photo sent in by Greg and Vicki 11/99. Buddy has gone to the bridge, 11/6/01.

Hi! I am now Shadow, started out in life named Shawnee. My first family had small children said I just grew too big. My second home said I bit their child, so now I live with adults and another dog, I am sure lucky that Irish Setter rescue has been involved in my life and I am only 2 years old. It's been rough, but now I am happy!

Riley has found his new home! He now lives with Cahlie a Golden. Hi! My name is Riley, I am 4 years old. I was turned in by my owner because I kept getting out. I can jump over 4 ft. fences. I am also known as Houdini. I am about 50 lbs., on the thin side. I have made two new Irish friends, Rocky and Brandy. Update! Riley was last seen running away from his new owner with about 20 kids at the park chasing him. He saw a chicken and broke his harness. He ended up in the swamp and so did his owner, both covered in green! Riley has gone to the bridge, 8/27/02.

This picture is Brianna and Maeve and this story was written by Jayne, their mom. My name is Brianna and I was found in NC and taken to a horrible noisy place. I think they call it a shelter. I was very scared and all the sounds there frightened me. This nice lady Beth Beatty came by to see me. She petted me and talked softly to me. But I was put back in that cold cage. I didn't know why I was there. A few days passed, and Beth came to see me again. This time she took me with her. She then drove me to Karen Becker's house and I was happy and loved there. I went on walks with her and another lady with a dog. I stayed there for days and I thought that this was my new home. Next thing I knew, though, was I was given to Teri and rode many miles in her van. I slept in a crate there. It was dark out when the van stopped and we just sat there. I was more confused. Then Teri opened the door and took me out of her van, and handed me over to another lady. Little did I know that this was my new Mom. We drove in her car and she was speaking softly to me and saying all was going to be ok. I was again confused. Why was I moving from place to place all the time? Her car stopped and she took me out of it, walking me around outside of yet another new place. But then we went up a step and there was a door...she opened the door. She took me inside a nice warm house and I could smell dogs. Some of those dogs came to greet me, sniffing me and tails wagging. I suddenly realised this was my new Home. Or would I be passed to somewhere else?? I had plenty of doggie friends to play with there and a nice big back yard. The days went by, and I loved it there. I got to sleep on the sofa and the bed. My new person told me every day I was a pretty girl and very good. Her name is Jayne and she is my Mom now. I am staying here, and I love my new home! I have plenty of dog friends to play with here and am cuddled and loved every day. Thanks Mom for giving me a second chance to be loved. I sure do love your bed and sofa and all my new doggies pals!!!

Hi! My name is now Clancy. I was born on 8/25/98 and just turned five months old. I have sure seen a lot of faces and been many different places in these few short months. My life started in Kansas and then I ended up at Shake-A-Paw in Toms River, NJ. My crate had a price of $599, but a lady told the salesgirl she had just bought a new house with a huge fenced in area and could only pay $299. Well, I was sold! This crazy lady only had an apartment and she tried to keep me, but I barked and she just couldn't. She tried to get me to run away, by opening the door and letting me out. But, where was I supposed to go at only 4 months old, I was scared. Luckily, she decided to find a girl who worked at a vet. This girl was wonderful. She got me my shots, had me wormed, I had roundworms and had me neutered. All this stuff hurt, but I knew it was better for me. She had three dogs, two kids, cats and a husband and they decided they would love to keep me, but they were very smart and were thinking of me and contacted Irish Setter rescue. It was very hard for them to let me go even though they only had me for two weeks. I was driven on a very rainy day from NJ to CT and seemed to be in so many cars! My new owners are very happy to have me. I knew I better be good or I would end up somewhere else. They signed me up for puppy kindergarten and call me the class clown. I listen to them and hear them on the phone saying we love him and he is a keeper! I did eat some plants, but since they have had puppies and Irish Setters before they understand. I know I could get sick from these, so I stopped. I have a big fenced in yard and take nice long walks. I do not like to ride in the car because I think they are going to take me to yet another home. Sure hope this is where I get to stay, I am really happy here!

My name is Celtic Brandy. I was turned in by my previous owners due to complaints that I barked. I lived with my foster parents in PA for one year. I love to chase butterflies, for those of you on Setters-L, I am the mice chasing Irish. I found my loving permanent home in CT.

Hi! My name is Rex, I am 3 years old. I was kept outside and my previous owner turned me into a shelter because the neighbors were threatening me. I wasn't getting enough exercise. I am about 45 lbs. I have had more than three homes, in one I chased a goose, the next one an elderly lady couldn't handle me, but now I am happy with a cat and two children. Thanks for rescuing me! Update 1/7/00, I am still with the same family, but we all moved to FL, I got out, but was reunited with them, Thanks to Bonnie Foster, the rescue contact in FL. Oh, they had to get rid of the cat, I kept chasing it!

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