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Irish Setter rescue success stories

We were given threee Irish Setter puppies, at just 3 months of age. Owner was selling them at a Long Island, NY Costco for $100 each, the owner and dogs are from Chili, S. America. Pictured here is a female, now living on Staten Island, NY, named Chili.

And, this is a male, also named Chili, now living in MA!

And, this is a female, named Mahogany, now living in CT!
Hi, my name is Shane. I lived for almost 8 years with a nice couple. When they divorced, dadís new chickie didnít want me around so off to the rescue I went. I was pretty sad to lose my family. I was at the shelter for almost 6 months because Iím a bit up there in age (but that doesnít stop me from my squirrel hunting). This nice young couple decided to take me in and now I spend my days running around in the snow chasing anything that comes near my yard. But, I am a bit up there, so I sure need my nap when my day of snow fun is over. I am very happy here and I know I will be here forever! Thanks to Deanna and Sandy for all their help with us getting Shane, he is the best addition to our family! Ė Shannon and Nick.

Maggie was fostered by us in NJ in the summer of 2002. She is now living in RI. Maggie was turned into rescue, blind. Maggie and I ended up with each because we both were at a point in our lives where we needed each other. Maggie lives with a blind adopted toy poodle. She has been a great friend to me - all I can hope is that she feels the same way about me.

Baxter, not an Irish, an English Setter is now happy and living in PA. He was fostered in NJ by us, for months, searching for that perfect home. Purchased from a pet store and turned into rescue at only 6 months of age. Adopted Dec. 2002.
Snoopy now named Maggie is another English Setter we helped. She was the last of a litter and couldn't be sold. She was being kept outside and only 7 months old. She is now living in PA with a Yellow Lab sister, Jan. 2003.

Willow now lives in OH, adopted Oct. 2001 at age 1, pictured here pointing a butterfly. Here's another pic of Willow that shows a little more white. This is the spot where she tried to swim across the lake the night I brought her home....payback was last snowed 2" overnight and we were trying to scare up some rabbits (no, elmer fudd was NOT there) I slipped on ice and broke my arm....Willow ran over and laid down next to me to keep me warm....what instincts!

I was very lonely after my brother Mr. Sullivan (a prize winning Irish setter) passed away from bone cancer last January. Mr. Sullivan was a rescue Irish setter and he kept me company all the time when the humans who we take care of were out working. I kept asking Nancy and Jerry to get me a new brother, but they were so sad about losing Mr. Sullivan they weren't sure they were ready yet. Then, one day Nancy was crusing the net, feeling lonely for Sully when she found Deanna's web page. Within two weeks I had a new brother. His name is Aidan and he is very, very energetic. I have to keep him in line sometimes, but it's sure nice to cuddle up with him in front of the fire.

My name is now Paddy and I am here with my brother Jack. We quickly became best buddies. I am about 3 years old and was kept in a barn all my life. Now, I have many couches, that I can call my own!

My name is now Finn, short for Finnbharr, which is an Irish name. I was originally picked up as a stray in PA, I was very thin and had no hair due to fleas and was named Red in August 2000. I was fostered by Sandy in PA for a while and now I am very happy, have lots of hair, gaining weight and live in NJ with three cats. On weekends I go on long hikes and walks in the woods. I really like squirrels and hot air balloons but I'm a little scared of the deer. My dad says I'm real smart and listen well. I am pictured here with my new Mom who is Irish too!

My name is Bonnie, and I am now a DC Dog. I live with a great looking younger man (almost 10) who also became a DC Dog through rescue. We live in the city of Washington, DC, very different from my other homes, but every night we walk to these places called the Supreme Court, and the Capitol. I don't care what they are called, I really like the fact that there is lots of grass, other dogs of all sizes, squirrels and plenty of p-mail to check nightly. Sometimes when we walk around the Capitol, we stop and listen to music and a funny thing happens, strangers come up and pet me, sometimes for a long time while they talk to my Mom, something about being tourists and missing their dogs back home. It's great here in DC, lots of great smells and sooo many people who want to pet me!
Hi! I am Ruby. I was rescued by Irish Setter in NJ in May 1999. My first family found me, but they couldn't keep me with three children. I now live with Shadow in Howell, NJ and I have a huge fenced in back yard. My favorite thing to do is chase squirrels, but usually I am standing on my two back legs and running! No one has been able to get a picture of me, but it sure is fun to play with Shadow and have a nice yard to run in. Photo sent in by Ruby's new Mom and Dad at Christmas, what a sweetheart!
Hi! I am Stella. I was rescued by Irish Setter rescue and brought from PA and to NJ at about midnight one night, when I was only a few months old. My previous owner called Irish Setter rescue and they came right away. I only weighed 20 lbs. I was purchased in a pet store, but the lady just couldn't keep me. She had two other dogs and no yard. I now live in NJ and turned one year old in November 1999.

Hi! I am Patrick. I was going to be put to sleep at the tender young age of about 6 months, the shelter said I had hip displaysia. I only weighed 30 lbs. Well, luckily I was rescued! After a few vet checks, most likely I was crated for those first 6 months. Now, I can run and play and even jump right over the couch. This is me pictured here with Scooby, my Christmas present!

Hi! I am Duffy. I started out as Big Red in TN. When I turned three years old, my previous owners just had no use for me. A wonderful lady at a shelter took me in and got rid of all my matts. I don't look too good, but I feel much better. Then, a truck driver drove me from TN all the way to NJ, it was fun! I ended up in a house with 5 other Irish, see my photo at:
Rocky's Christmas 1998 and picture of Mom
I am in the middle. My forever home was found in NJ, my new Mom was recently diagnosed with cancer, and Dad told the Irish Setter rescue folks that she was so happy, that her and Duffy could grow their hair back together! My hair is really growing in, see my new photo below!

Hi, look at me now with my new family!

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