2nd Annual Spinoni Day - 10/11/08
Another picture perfect day, about 72 degrees, bright sunshine, blue skies and a nice cool breeze, postponed due to weather this year!
60 adults, 10 children, 41 Spinoni, 2 Bracci and 7 other dogs joined us today!

Thanks to all the judges, Thomas, Cameron, Sophie, Ashley and also to Aaron who filled up the pools for us!
And the winners of the Spinoni Olympics are:

Hot dog eating - Nina Samuel and Denali Ipcar-Landis

Best Costume/hat with an Italian theme, Guiseppe Parker, Denali Ipcar, Ella Cohen, the pirate! We also had a bunny and Massimo dressed up with an Italian shirt on!
Toys were given to all who dressed up for the occasion!
Best Kisser - Nina Samuel, Enza Hines

Dog and Owner look alike - Rick and Emma Morrow
Best Tail Wagger - Henry Haynes and Olivia Redner
Best Barker - Bart Rosman, Luna Dioguardi and Massimo Mihalik

Egg on a spoon - Henry Hayes, Pete Vanderbuilt and Denali Ipcar
Tennis ball toss - Bart Rosman, Henry Hayes and Massimo Mihalik - participants got to keep the tennis balls

Best swimmer - Enza Hines, Brasch Beyer-Bagnell and Annie Vanderbuilt
Traveled the farthest - Vivi Duda from VA, Arno Alvarez from Cape May, NJ and Leo, Atlanta and Chloe Lopatynski from West Chester, PA

Youngest - Bria Beyer-Bagnell - 5 months,
Olivia Redner -7 months and Massimo Mihalik - 8 1/2 months
Best beggar - Denali Ipcar-Landis
Best trick - Luna Dioguardi, Vivi Duda and Olivia Redner
Best lap dog - Henry Hayes, Luna Dioguardi and Ella Cohen
Toys were given out to the lap dogs!
Oldest - Beato Drosd - 10 years
Thanks to everyone for participating in the contests!!!!!
Cake - 2008

2008 - Group photo

2008 - Costume contest - Venetian gondoliers

1st Annual Spinone Fun Day - Held in NJ, last Saturday in September - 9/29/07

What a fine time was had by all, thanks everyone for joining us today! We couldn't have asked for a nicer day, weather was perfect!
There were a total of 64 adults, 7 children, 42 Spinoni, 2 Bracci and 14 other dogs.
The winners of the contests/games:
Hot dog retrieve - Stella Brustein, Henry Haynes and Bosco Raymond
Dunkin' for Dogs - Mario Zaberto - Bracco Italiano
Best Swimmer - Tie - Denali Ipcar and Oliver Goldberg - both from Brooklyn, NY
Oldest - 13 yrs. and 4 months - Duncan Kerr
Youngest - 12 weeks - Henry Haynes
Drove the farthest - over 1100 miles - The Jersey Boys with Nick and Rita as their drivers!!!
Best Kisser - Ernie Wright
Best tail wagger - Stella Brustein
Best Dressed - Costume contest - Amber - Hula Girl, all the dogs got toys who dressed up, Denali the devil dog, Harley the basketball player, Star the lady bug and Glory another Hula girl!
Dog/Owner Look Alike - Fred and Leo Lopatynbski - they both have long legs!!!!
Thanks to Thomas and Ashely Haynes, our judges for the day!

Join us next September for our fun day!

Just having fun! Risky Business Napoleon


Best swimmers - Deanli and Oliver - both from Brooklyn, NY

Oldest Spinone - 13 yrs. and 4 months - 2007 - Duncan

1st place winner - hot dog eating contest Mario - Bracco Italiano

Costume Contest - 2007

Group Photo - 2007

Agility/Rally/Obedience demo - 2007

Drove the farthest - 2007