Look at us now!

NH 19 Success Stories

Kelsey, a.k.a. Elsa, came to live with us April of 2002. From the first moment our eyes met, there was a special bond that I can't explain. She captured my heart and I knew it was meant to be. Her transition into the family went so smoothly; it was as if she's been with us forever. She was very noise sensitive, afraid of the outside and leery of most people. Now she actually enjoys playing with toys and her other canine brothers and sisters. And, she loves going outside. Kelsey is very comfortable, very happy and has truly become part of the family. She's a wonderful and loving companion!

Six of the NH boys and girls

Andy at Halloween 2002, as a vet!


Paula's ball and bench. We have moved and Paula now has a HUGE fenced backyard, in which she plays ball, chases birds, and chews on sticks. There is also a lovely deck where she suns herself - one of the photos shows her sitting on the built-in bench around the deck - we call that "surveying her kingdom." She has stiff moments with her hips every now and then, but so far nothing lasting. She is still a handful! We do love our NH rescue girl!

New families

Beach Bums or Aliens, check out the ears!

Sally's First Christmas 2002

Tess and her adopted Irish Red and White sister Pippi!


Andy and Elsa in the St. Patrick's Day parade - Somerville, NJ 2002

Andy is now a Therapy Dog, his first visit Nov. 2002, it was raining, Andy in his rain coat!

Andy at work enjoying his Therapy Dog visits with Lincoln Smestad.

Andy, and Tess the show dogs! EISA Outdoor, Oct. 2002

Kelsey, Sally and Tess at our reunion, June, 2002