We are hoping and praying for a very happy ending


Our continued search for Gina
our Spinone Italiano
By Deanna Cuchiaro

Gina loves shoes!

She also loves Tino!

Gina, one of our Spinone Italianos, had been last seen early Wednesday morning October 6, 2010. Late the night before I let the dogs out in case they needed to go because most are over age 10. Gina didn't come back and that is not like her. She was last seen on our couch. For those of you who have been here, we have a pond, she isn't a swimmer. Gina is not one to chase deer or run off, she is always on the couch. We do have a lot of land and preserved wetlands, so I searched the fields and woods and still, no Gina. She is very shy, timid and wary of strangers and likes to bark. She is afraid of fireworks, gunshots and thunderstorms, but it is only bow season here and we didn't hear anything that night. We can only think something chased her, but in general we do not have coyote or bear here, only deer and fox. This area is all rural, hay and horse farms and an airport. The nearby roads are posted 35 mph, but no signs of Gina? We searched all around the area. I always took Patrick with me to help, and I thought I heard her bark, ended up being the neighbors turkeys. There were so many sheds, barns and out buildings, but no Gina. I searched online and posted her as lost on many websites. One site I found was findtoto.com, the calls went out Thursday 9 AM, no phone calls, no sightings. They called 500 people within the surrounding area. We called the police, dog warden, went to the shelters, also sent in her picture to petamberalert.com, posted on K9 amber alert, put up posters. We gave posters to the airport, folks we saw walking dogs, the bus drivers, UPS, FedEx and at the local food stores, we visited the schools, school bus drivers, high school age kids, girl scouts, boy scouts, 4-H clubs, YMCA, local gyms, churches, mail carriers and garbage men. We tried lostmydoggie.com, made her a facebook page and posted her on many lost pet pages on facebook. We faxed all animal related businesses in NJ and Philadelphia, PA vicinity. On Friday, October 8th, we get a call an Irish Setter was found and they drive him to us. We have a scanner, no micro-chip. So, now I have a lost dog and a found dog. I post them both on craigs list, SettersL, emailed everyone, petfinder.com classified and rescue, fidofinder.com, Veterinary Medical Assoc. google for your state, facebook, helpinglostpets.com. Of course posters, police, newspaper ads, shelters, local vets, rescues, tracking dogs. Findtoto.com, petamberalert.com, lostmydoggie.com, missingpetads.com, www.thepetrescue.com, lostitpostit.com. Even though we have the invisible fence, Gina was not wearing a collar. She was not one to roam, she is micro-chipped and tattooed. She is brown and white, looks gray, wirey coat. She is about 60 lbs., 22 inches high. Gina is 6 years old, we adopted her 4 years ago. She is shy, likes to bark. She has large feet, beard, small white puff of hair on top of her head, very clean teeth, from being fed a raw diet. She could be listed as a wire haired hound, mixed terrier, German wire-haired pointer, Pudelpointer or Wire-haired pointing Griffon.
10/18/10 - We got a sighting! We received a call from folks who saw her poster at the local grocery store, they saw her last week, walking down Pulaski Rd., so that would have been around 10/14/10 in the evening, near here, she wouldn't go to them. At least we know she wasn't shot or killed, but where has she been for 10 days, and not 1/2 mile from our home?
11/14/10 - We received text messages, someone saw her at St. Hubert's, we went there, not her, she is chipped and of course, they scan and are aware of her. But, we checked since we realize the chip can move, not all chips are scanned with all scanners and maybe her chip just didn't register?
11/15/10 - We got a call, she was seen in Plainfield, did she take the train? It's not that far, so off we go, checked all the shelters and faxed to vets in the area.
11/29/10 - We have had quite a few sightings of Gina, about 25 phone calls, the most recent one on 11/19/10 she was seen with another dog near Readington and Hillcrest Rds., by Hillcrest Park, we continue to search and ask if you have seen her that you please call us. Many of the calls are we saw her last week or last month, but we are hopeful and are keeping the faith. We think someone may have her or is feeding her. We have a dog trap that we borrowed from the Hunterdon County SPCA, set up a camera and the Pattenburg Fire Company's K9 tracking unit was kind enough to help us and track her scent to a dead deer behind the Reformed Church on Readington Rd., we feel we are very close to bringing Gina home! Thanks to all the neighbors who have helped us and continue to search for Gina. We have put out feeding stations, cooked out at Hillcrest park. We were hoping someone would visit and see her for Thanksgiving. We put out her bed, our clothes and shoes, which are her favorite to carry around.
12/15/10 - Another sighting on 12/9, Gina was crossing behind the firehouse, same area now for 2 months. We put a GPS collar on a dog she was seen with, but still no Gina. The folks who call say she won't go to them. We were hoping someone would visit for Christmas and would have seen her posters or ads in the local newspapers. We decided to put a $500 reward and wonderful dog friends, Olivia doubled it, hoping if someone did have her, they would need the money for Christmas.
1/9/11 - Another call from the Readington Rd., area, we are quite sure this was Patrick, the dog she was seen with, but we tracked him down to being with another dog. But at least we know the word is out and folks are still looking for her for us.
1/14/11 - She may have been seen in the Fishtown area of Phildelphia, we are taking any leads we get. A friend of ours flew out of the local airport and helped us looked via her plane, now how cool is that!
1/17/11 - We sent postcards to the houses in the area where she was seen.
1/22/11 - A neighbor called, she heard a strange dog barking, we searched, we heard it, but didn't find our Gigi Mamma.
1/25/11 - An email came, she was seen at a groomer in Westfield, NJ. We called, sent her poster, still no Gina. We also put posters at all the free rabies clinics, hoping if someone had her, someone would recognize her.
2/4/11 - We faxed to all NJ and Philadelphia area pet related businesses, including, vets, groomers, doggie day care, trainers. We also contacted all mobile groomers and vets, maybe if folks are busy, they would call to get her a rabies vaccine at their home, licenses are due now in NJ.
2/15/11 - Another neighbor called, from the area Gina was seen in Oct., a strange howl/bark, which is what Gina, does, we tracked this down we think to a Sheltie type dog, but again, all things happen for a reason. Valentine's Day didn't bring our little girl to us, we know we will have her when she is ready!
2/21/11 - We continue to hope, pray for a miracle and we do believe dreams do come true! We keep updating the posters, we get calls, but most are tracked down to not being our little girl. We are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to her safe return.
2/28/11 - She was on Philadelphia TV and also some wonderful folks have taken out a 1/2 page ad in the local newspaper on her behalf. We got a call someone saw a dog like her on Rt. 95, Girard Ave. area., Philadelphia.
3/3/11 - Another sighting!! She was seen 9:30 PM, on 3/1/11 on Centerville Rd., same area, we will have our Gina home soon! Folks had seen her ad in the paper and thought she was someone else's dog until they saw her pic and had her poster.
3/4/11 - Sort.org sponsored a 1/2 page ad in the Hunterdon Observer!
3/5/11 - I obtained a list of the Readington Township 2011 dog licenses, attempting to see if I can match any up to being our Gina! A neighbor thought they saw her near us with a haircut, we checked out the house and their dog is a weimaraner.
3/11/11 - She was on the local radio station! She was again in the Observer with a 1/2 page ad, thanks to sort.org, we got calls, she could be in Flemington or Frenchtown, NJ, was seen being walked on a leash. Of course, off we go to check it out and put up posters.
3/18/11 - Another sighting at Daly St. and Readington Rd., 1 PM, we went immediately and spent the weekend in the area, the lady didn't have our number, she went and got it at the local grocery store. Guess we can call it the luck of the Irish that we are still getting calls and she survived the winter. We were 15 min. behind the sighting. Spent time in the area with Bingo, another Spinone we adopted with Gina and Spin, our English Setter.
3/22/11 - Someone called they saw her in North Hampton, PA. We feel she is still close to home and continue to work with animal communicators and pet detectives to bring her home. So far they say we will have her back in the Spring. We are hoping to have her home for her birthday 4/7/04. That will be 6 months.
3/31/11 - Folks called to say they have seen her, they thought she was someone's farm animal, same general area. Another caller said they are sure they saw her in a blue car in Flemington, NJ. They said she is "ugly"., well Gina we don't think so, you can give us that evil eye of yours anytime!
4/3/11 - Since she seems to frequent the area, either with someone or still surviving on her own, feeding station is out with a camera set, let's hope we see her, and can then set a trap with our clothes, etc.
4/5/11 - Now that it is getting warmer we can only hope for more sightings and we can set up the trap again, we were catching stray cats, so couldn't set it during the winter months. As you can see we are feeding the deer, buzzards, fox come at night and a dog that we know where he lives.

4/10/11 - Another sighting at noon on Sunday 4/10/11 on Oakland Dr., which is much closer to home right along the Chambers brook!
4/17/11 - The local animal control called 11 PM, someone called close by, a dog got in their fence and out again before the police could get there. Brown and white, friendly, well, we don't think Gina would appear friendly, but what do we know at this point? We are happy that animal control called us, we did bring a flyer to these folks and they say this dog had a tail and no beard, so not our Gina. We are still expecting miracles, believe dreams do come true, sending her energy and light and visualizing her return home!
4/19/11 - Got a call someone saw her walking with a lady in Pennsville, NJ? She will keep watching to see if she sees her again, she just saw the poster at her vet's office.
4/21/11 - Call came in Gina was seen two days ago, Tuesday night, near 39 Pulaski Rd., where the Christmas trees are sold, at 11 PM.
5/2/11 - The guy who called on 4/21 called back, said he saw the dog again and it wasn't my dog, more like an Irish Setter with a gray face. Not sure, but we do rescue for Irish Setters and no Irish are ever running around in that area for him to see twice? Anyway, all things happen for a reason. We have some really great new signs up on Pulaski Rd. and Readington Rd., they are 1 ft. x 3 ft., cameras and feeding stations just finding the usual fox, deer, oppossum. We are hoping Gina decides she would prefer the air-conditioning now vs. being outside in the heat and maybe she will give me the best Mother's Day present ever!! We did get one call from the new signs, in Branchburg, and after they called, they didn't think it was her, she was in a driveway and kids were petting her, I don't think Gina would be doing that!!
5/7/11 - 9 AM, Forty Oaks Rd., two dogs chased her heading East towards Branchburg, we went and walked with Patrick, put up signs, talked to folks, could have been her, one lady has a labradoodle, but her dog is very large and light color, the dog these folks saw, said was gray and just a bit larger than their dogs, about the size of our Patrick, which certainly sounds like our Gina!
5/16/11 - Got a call she was seen about a week ago on the corner of Rt. 22 and Coddington Rd., we put up posters at the auto store, Hionis greenhouse and the bagel store. Walked around the area. We think that is a german short haired pointer of someone's at that store.
5/22/11 - Got a call 6 PM that she was seen about 4 PM on Centerville Rd., with another dog. We think this is folks dogs who live there, they have a German short haired pointer and a sharpei, we drove around and handed out posters. Spoke to them, they were not outside at 4 PM.....Spoke to the caller again, she was at the corner of Centerville and Sunset with a black lab, so this could be her!!
5/23/11 - Same guy called 8:30 PM, seen in his yard, same area 6:30 PM, off we go with Bingo, found a baby deer.
5/24/11 - Took Patrick, our Irish Setter, set up a bed, clothes, camera, trap.
5/26/11 - Another sighting at the airport, 7 PM, heading south down the runway at 7 PM with another dog.
5/31/11 - Seen at the corner of Pulaski and Ridge Rd. by an 8 yr. old boy, no one let us know until 6/3/11, they weren't sure if he was telling the truth??
6/4/11 - Seen around 11 AM by Chambersbrook on Ridge Rd.? Our dogs were not out!
6/8/11 - Seen around 4:30 PM at the corner of Solberg Rd. and Readington Rd., with a pug!!!
7/7/11 - Seen 11 PM eating cat food at 124 Pine Bank Rd., we are hoping and praying this is our Gina! Call came 2 days later on 7/9/11.
7/14/11 - Seen 7:45 AM on Centerville Rd., by Columbine Rd., three dogs, 2 we are quite sure were Patrick the black lab and the shepherd he is usually with. Caller said third dog had a cropped tail! She called us about 9 AM.
7/24/11 - We got a call someone saw her from a hot air balloon, tracked that down to Clinton Township area and a white dog? No area shelters have gotten in any dogs recently. Not sure, but since she is micro-chipped, we feel if her, we will be notified. When I called animal control, they also said a few weeks ago someone thought they saw a bear, when they arrived, they said it was gray and fluffy, they felt it was most likely Gina.
7/25/11 - Billboard is up on Rt. 22, Clinton Township, farther than we expected, but in time for the hot air balloon festival! And, it's huge!
8/4/11 - Smaller billboard now up near Rt. 523!
8/8/11 - Postcards have been sent, getting lots of calls, just waiting for the big one!
8/8/11 - Someone saw a found dog in the Treasure Hunt, we tracked that down to July and not our Gina, but sure do appreciate everyone looking out for her!
8/11/11 - Someone called they thought they saw her at the 4-h fair, off we went, found Golden doodles and an Otter hound with a long tail?
8/15/11 - Not alot of sightings lately, billboard still up. Someone said she was seen in Flemington, asked them to check that one out closer. Got sent an ad a dog that looked like her was seen in Baltimore, that was a local dog that is allowed to roam......expect miracles, dreams do come true. We will have our girl back with us soon!
8/16/11 - Got a call from Hillcrest Rd. resident, he found a dog, but the dog has a tail, ends up tags, lives 1/2 mile away. The dog does look like Gina? Wondering if other folks were seeing this dog?
9/3/11 - We survived an earthquake and Hurricane Irene, now to just see Gina again in September would be wonderful news! We got an email a female brown and white mixed dog was found in Flemington, tracking that one down now! Animal communicators say she is still alive and well and close !
9/14/11 - Well that lead never returned my call and the ad is no longer posted on fidofinder.com, so it must have been a dog from Hurricane Irene or Lee. Expecting a miracle Gina!
9/20/11 - Just as the animal communicator felt, said about 2 months and coming from the east, our latest sighting, 5 PM today, Station and Readington Rd., Branchburg!!
10/11/11 - Seen at the cul de sac on Cardinal Lane in Whitehouse Station, 3 PM, wouldn't come to folks, digging in the leaves, looked liked a labradoodle.
10/13/11 - Seen near Meadow Breeze Park on Rt. 57, Washington, NJ, kind of far, but we are expecting miracles, you just never know.
10/19/11 - Phone call someone who saw her last November in New Canaan, CT, about 1 1/2 hours from here, plan to check it out!
10/25/11 - Got a call seen for a month in Marlton, NJ, they will get us a picture to be sure. At least the calls are still coming in!!
11/16/11 - Someone called they saw Gina being walked in Hopatcong, NJ, not sure, but glad to still be getting calls!
12/8/11 - Gina's new billboard is up and she has lights!
12/14/11 - Gina's billboard makes the front page of the Hunterdon Review!

Gina's billboard makes the front page of the local newspaper!

12/15/11 - Two calls she has been seen near Cokesbury Rd., in Lebanon, NJ. This is about 12 miles from home. We are hopeful to have our Christmas miracle home with us!
12/16/11 - Gina has been seen on Heirloom Dr., Whitehouse Station, NJ at 3 PM, we are so hopeful to have her home!
12/29/11 - A new sighting in Hampton, NJ, not too far, we went and gave out posters.
12/30/11 - Went back to Hampton with Bingo in the AM and in the PM with News 12 NJ!!!! Two billboards up, made the news !
1/31/12 - Another sighting of a "dirty dalmatian" on the corner of Pulaski Rd. and Solberg Rd., 1/2 mile from our house, 4 PM, we went immediately, haven't seen her. The dog was just walking down the side of the road. As you know by this time, we know everyone and all the dogs in the area.
3/5/12 - 11 AM and 4 PM sighting in garbage at 111 E. Militia, Whitehouse Station, NJ. Man had the postcard and was sure it was her. We went, no Gina, yet but we are still hopeful. This ended up being two dogs that lived near by, a Weim and a Golden, but we are thankful everyone still has Gina on their minds and cell phones!
3/28/12 - Got a call, someone saw a lost dog on their facebook page, from Jamesburg. She would email it to me. All day, a long day waiting, no email. I called, only had her work number, no cell, only had her first name. I searched facebook and craigslist and came up with a found dog in Jamesburg. A male, so not Gina, but once again, very thankful everyone is still looking out for her!
7/3/12 - Got a call she was seen at Echo Lake Park in Westfield, NJ. We will surely check it out!
8/1/12 - This is not our little Gina. But anyone missing this girl? Small female, no collar, no micro-chip. Found near Spruce Run in NJ. Picked up by Union Township animal control, she texted me her picture today, of course hoping it was Gina, but we went to see her and it isn't, we are hoping to help find her owners. This little girl was found near Spruce Run, Clinton, NJ, Union Township. We were sent her pictures, hoping it was our Gina. It isn't, but we know now the hope is still alive. Folks are still calling us. We went to see her, since the pics are so close and she was at a vet's office in Flemington, NJ.

8/17/12 - Seen at 8 AM, behind our house in the woods. We have the camera out and the post cards in the car! Let's get going girl!
1/14/13 - Nothing new to report, no sightings. Our Gina has been missing over two years now. She will be 9 years old in April, 2013. We continue to hope and pray that we do see her again soon. Celebrate each and every day!! ♥ Make all your days count :)
7/12/13 - Still hoping and can't help looking for your where ever we go.
8/31/14 - Yes, another email, you never know, we have hope, seen in Milford, NJ. Not a wolf, a dog. Hoping beyond hope!
11/14/14 - Lots of phone calls, a female dog found in NJ. At Popcorn Humane, surely looks very much like her, but not our Gina. Thank you everyone for the phone calls and support.

Gina on News 12 NJ

The cost of findtoto.com, $125,
the cost of petamberalert.com about $75,
the cost of having Gina in my arms = priceless!!!
So, remember, call the shelters, police, I called all the surrounding police departments and animal control. Gina was micro-chipped so Home Again also faxes the information to many local area vets, shelters and rescue groups. I used many animal communicators, map dowsers and pet detectives also. We are just hoping she is not hurt and no one stole her. Call the Police back during different shifts, they all don't have dogs and they do have other jobs to do (editors comment: can you imagine anything more important than a lost dog?). Put up flyers at food stores, pet stores, gyms, convenience stores, give them to the school bus drives, police, mailmen, UPS, FedEx, garbage men,I got them to Hunterdon Country transportation system, The LINK. Some websites that worked: findtoto.com. I also posted her on petfinder, craigslist, SettersL, on yahoo there is a k9amberalert. I did put Reward on her posters. One animal communicator told me she had ended up finding dogs for sale on craigslist for $100. Also, bring binoculars, they helped us. Most of all: don't give up, keep your spirits high.
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All of the following animal communicators and more who do not have web pages helped us continue our hope that Gina would be home, by speaking with us and they all agreed Gina is alive, doing well and close by. If not for them, I would have not made it through the ordeal.
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Also, don't forget to update all sites, take down all posters when you find your dog! Believe me when we have our Gina, everyone will know! We will be having a huge party for sure!

Bah Humbug - Gina